Please complete this form AFTER you have interviewed me and have hired me as your Doula.  This form provides details regarding your birth choices and personal information about you.  I do not feel I should be privy to this unless I am hired by you.

Contract and Model Release

Please click here to access the form that must be completed prior to paying your invoice.  If you have any questions regarding the contract or model release, please contact me prior to signing.  Thank you!!!

Model Call Quesionnaire

Please complete this form if you are hoping to be a part of a model call that you see posted on either my facebook site, web site or blog.

Newborn Session Guide

Please review ALL of the material on this Session Guide if you have a Newborn Session booked with me.  I can not stress the importance of following these guidelines so you Newborn Session runs smoothly.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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