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Newborn Session Guide

Thank you for booking your newborn session with me! I look forward to working with you. Newborn sessions require a little more time and planning due to the delicate nature of what many call the 4th trimester.  This guide should help you to prepare for your session so we can be sure to optimize our time and make sure things run as smoothly as possible.

The Where, When and How Details:

  • Newborn sessions are done within the first 14 days of being born for several reasons: Within the first two weeks of a newborns life, they move into curled up poses easily, they tend to be much more sleepy and they typically have not yet developed the baby acne that so many babies get.

  • Newborn sessions are typically done in my home but I do offer Lifestyle Newborn Sessions in my clients homes. Photos taken in my home will utilize studio lighting.  This is helpful if the conditions outside are not optimal.  If I should do a Lifestyle Newborn Session in your home, I use natural light only.  It is important that you have ample natural lighting.  We will shoot photos in your bedroom, babies nursery and family room areas.

  • Please also be sure that if we are doing the session in your home, the nursery as well as your bedroom are clean and tidy so we can capture some photos in those rooms as well.

  • My sessions take place mid-morning when babies are most cooperative.  10AM is my most optimal time so please plan accordingly.

  • Babies sleep best when the room is warm (80-85 degrees F to be exact). If you are coming to my home, please plan wear comfortable and loose layers.  If I am coming to your home please be sure the heat in the room we are working in is turned up to 78 degrees.  It will help with settling or keeping baby settled. I use a space heater as well but this is not enough warmth for in between poses or positions.

  • If siblings are going to be a part of the session I will take the sibling photos first.  I ask that another family member is present to remove the sibling(s) from the session area at that time so we can continue without interruptions.  If you are traveling a distance, I can make recommendations of local places for lunch or play.

Sleep and Feeding:

  • One of the most imperative things is to keep baby awake 2-3 hours before the session so that they are super sleepy when you or I arrive. Please also be sure they are hungry.  I recommend beginning their feeding when you arrive to my home or when I arrive to yours.  If you are breast feeding and baby is a slow nurser (20 mins or so per side), please feel free to get started about 10-15 minutes before my arrival time.  This will allow me ample time for set up while you finish the feeding.

  • I request that all clients have a pacifier on hand for your newborn session.  If you never intend to use it again, I completely understand.  The reason I require a pacifier for your sessions is to soothe baby between transitions.  If posing on a prop, it takes more time to pick baby up, rock and comfort them back to sleep.  I find that with a pacifier, they tend to relax back into slumber quickly.  Please let me know if you do not have one and I will be sure to provide one.

  • I am always prepared with wipes, burp cloths and rags.  Accidents WILL happen during the session and I expect them.  I typically bring my own secondary set of clothing if coming to your home and I do recommend that you at least have a spare shirt for "just in case" if you are coming to mine.  Most poses are in the nude so I plan for the worst and hope for the best.

  • Newborn Photos take a lot out of baby so be mindful that during and after the session your baby may be looking to you for more comfort than normal.  Remember my 4th trimester comment above? During the newborn session, your baby becomes quite vulnerable and they are working hard for me.  It is natural that they want the comfort of being inside their safe womb (momma's arms) when the session is complete.


Additional Details:

A typical newborn session is about 3 hours. Occasionally, a newborn will not cooperate and we may have to reschedule (this is EXTREMELY RARE).  I will do everything I can to complete the session on the date scheduled but I am mindful of the fact that newborns are unpredictable little beings and if we have to reschedule your session due only to the babies discontent, you would not incur any additional cost.  We can get plenty of photos in 3 hours.  If we reach the 3 hour mark, I will evaluate the photos I have to make sure that I have a complete gallery.  If I am not feeling satisfied, I might try for a little bit longer (it is not standard that we need to extend a session). 

I treat my client's sessions with care and understand just how tiring and stressful bringing home new baby can be.  I hope that during your session, I can give you a little break to sit back and relax.  I may give baby to you if I feel they need another feeding.

I request that you refrain from taking any cell phone or personal camera photos when I am working.  This can be a distraction or interference to both baby and me.


Thank you so much for preparing for our session.  I am very much looking forward to meeting you and your new bundle of joy.